Thursday, January 15, 2009

Freezing and framing

It's positively freezing cold where we are today. It's -5F(-20C) with a wind chill that brings it to -24F(-31C) and it's supposed to drop further tonight. I've lived in the Midwest all my life. I can take the cold, but not this cold. This is the sort of cold that can kill you in a few minutes, it's dangerous and I hate it. It's also unbearably sunny. I know that sounds counter intuitive but trust me on this. The glare off the snow is blinding. I know what my mom would say, "Cloud cover helps keep the heat in." Go away sun, I want the heat. If I sound crazy today it may be just be the mental frostbite kicking in.

This time last year we were remodeling our kitchen. It was a day like today when they punched two holes in the wall and took what felt like an eternity to put windows in. At least I'm not dealing with that nightmare right now. Speaking of the remodel, you may remember that I embroidered this piece during that time. Today I finally got around to framing it. c.

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