Friday, January 30, 2009


My neighbor has an adorable 6 year-old daughter who loves to make stuff as much as we do. She's got a birthday coming so we asked if she would like to come over and make a birthday necklace. I got all of my supplies at JoAnn and luckily they were having a 40% off sale on jewelry making supplies. I love when things work out that way! I ended up with an assortment of beads which are strung on .5mm leather cord. I bought the stretchy clear plastic cord first but could not get the knot to stay tied (*@#&!) so I had to restring it on the leather. The .5mm works well with the tiny beads and the braiding cord works nicely with the larger ones. Stringing beads occupies them for a good stretch of time which is a super extra bonus. c.

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