Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snow Moon

The other night I was up pretty late and as I was getting ready to retire for the evening I noticed how bright it was outside (Lindsay will remember this and is probably still wondering why I'm babbling on about it). I was able to see all outdoors very clearly and that's not typical for where we live. You could take a walk or shovel your drive in the middle of the night with this perpetual state of twilight. It's really quite beautiful with the snow and winter sky. I did a little research and it turns out that the January moon is called the Snow Moon because it is at the closest point to the earth during this month so it appears bigger and brighter. The tides will be higher too as a result since they are pulled by the gravity of the moon.

I wonder if this gives us all an excuse to act a little wacky? Like going outside in your pajamas and Wellingtons with your digital camera resting on your a.c. unit trying to capture the beautiful nightlight the moon is casting at 11 p.m? c.

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