Thursday, December 31, 2009

What's in a name?

Lots going on our end... a little baby boy is due this summer. Wow, typing that out almost makes it feel real. G's been working really hard on name ideas for him. Do you think he'd mind being called Curly Watermelons? I'm not sure why but finding the right boys name isn't easy. Got any suggestions for us?

Friday, December 4, 2009

No-sew pillow

Hiya all, been missing this blog so much. My camera went kaput. I managed to salvage a few projects I will share with you. A very nice friend has lent me her camera to try out so I should be able to get back into the swing of things now.

This is a no-sew pillow inspired by the no-sew fleece blanket kits you find at craft stores. My neighbors daughter is so adorable and she loves to make stuff and draw pictures. She sketched out a pillow design one day and I decided to try and turn it into a craft project for her. The no-sew idea came about as a way to make it easier for her to put it together.

I bought:
1 16" pillow square
2 yards of fleece for the pillow
1/2 yards of fleece for the initial

For the initial: I printed out a letter A on copy paper. I Cut it out of the paper and traced it onto the wrong side of the fabric with a sharpie. Be careful to flip the letter the wrong way around when you trace. I then cut out the initial from the fabric and sewed it to the center front face of the pillow.

For the Pillow: Cut the fabric in half and lay both sides together, right sides facing out, measure 17" for the pillow and add 7" around each side for the fringe making the total square to cut 24". Using a fabric pen I traced the center 17" for the pillow and cut fringe around the edges 7" long and 3/4" wide all the way around, cutting through both pieces at once. Separate the pieces and lay the pillow in between. Tie the fringe pieces together in a knot, pulling tight to close any gaps.