Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monster mash

Do terrible 2's happen at 3? Does it have something to do with giving up naps? Is it about adjusting to preschool? Here she is (passie in mouth which is not allowed anymore) throwing her toys like a little maniac while jabbering something that sounds a bit angry. When I saw her do this with all her lovely toys I thought to myself - do you know how lucky you are just to have toys to toss around? I know the finer points of that argument would be lost on her. Hummm, so what to do, an understanding look and a cuddle did the trick (this time at least).

I guess we all have to blow off a bit of steam here and there and I bet tossing some stuff around feels pretty satisfying. When I worked at an agency downtown I used to fantasize about tossing my crash happy computer off a 7 story building more often than I care to admit. Maybe the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. c.

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