Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have been searching for and trying out some new recipes because I have been is a serious rut for a long time. I'm not the worlds best cook but I like cooking because I find it relaxing. The cleanup isn't all that relaxing but who's thinking ahead?

The Thai Red Curry I made last night was so incredibly delish. I followed this recipe with a few exceptions; to make it vegetarian I used firm tofu in place of the chicken, or you could use those tofu chicken strips (I am the next time I make it), I omitted the fish sauce and added in yellow peppers. I also went for the 3 teaspoons of the curry paste 'cause I like it spicy!


WIT-CRAFT said...

Thanks for this!
I was looking for something new and tasty! And I see that the recipe states that I can even add my old friend - cabbage!!!

Mia Zucca said...

No problemo! I actually thought about you when I made this... somthing I know your family would like. I used the Thai Kitchen brand Red Curry Paste (vegan) and it was great.