Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mo drawing

Yesterday while I was driving in the car victoriously listening to NPR after a battle of wills over NPR vs. some high pitched repetitive kids cd, when the celebrated children's author Mo Willems was on All Things Considered talking about why we stop drawing once we are adults.

Willems tells Michele Norris, "is that people stop when they decide they're not good at it. Nobody stops playing basketball when they realize they're not going to become a professional. The same thing should apply to cartooning."

It was a great 5 minute segment you can listen to it here. You can check out Mo's blog here.

Why not look across the table tonight at your spouse, partner, kid, dog, cat or hamster and do portraits of each other? I bet at the very least you will have a good laugh!

Check out Mo's dedicated to drawing dining room. c.

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