Sunday, April 13, 2008

Auntie Octopus and Uncle Celery

When I started designing cards I did about 30 or 40 designs and I thought, hummm, will I be able to come up with a continuous supply of new and fresh ideas, over and over again? The answer is yes, but it's not me who's doing it, it's little G. Lately she's been obsessing about Aunties. She's lucky enough to have Auntie Helen, Sarah, Kathy and CoCo. We've got some others we call auntie too, ya know, the people in our lives that love her like a real auntie. I think it gets a little confusing because all week she's been jabbering about Auntie Eggplant, Uncle Celery, Auntie Tomato and Uncle Chicken. I love nothing more than slapping two eyes and a semi-smile on an inanimate object. I've never thought of them as family, but hey, what the heck!

Some cards that are smiling and a hug for Auntie Carrot and then a little bit of cooking.

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