Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Paper lanterns

There's nothing I love more than a nicely lit room, all soft and glowing and flattering to the face. I love the warm glow that tree lights give off. So today we made mini Chinese paper lanterns in shades of pink for Valentine's Day and fixed them on to the tree lights. I used some scrap booking paper I got at JoAnn because the weight of the paper was perfect and the patterns are great.

Text weight paper
Strand of tree lights

1. Cut out strips of paper that are 2 1/2 " x 5 1/2"
2. Fold these paper strips in half
3. Then cut slits in the fold - but do not go all the way to the edge - (see my photo)
4. Next, put glue on one end and wrap the other end around so that each end comes together and sticks, to make the lantern
5. Finally, cut thin strips of paper about 3" long
6. Use these strips to glue the lanterns on to the lights

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