Monday, February 9, 2009

Music and lyrics

Last night we tuned into the Grammy awards. The night started out with Lindsay's "real" husband, Bono kicking things off. Lindsay, I have to admit there was a moment, ever so brief, when he was strutting down the catwalk, with the glasses on that he almost looked like your pretend husband. I know what you are thinking, and yes, I was sober.

There were a few great moments, like when M.I.A. was out there totally pregnant and baring it all, in all her 9th month glory. I had this sense that we've come along way from the hoochie dress and skyscraper heals. Polka dots and tennies with a basketball baby belly. I loved it.

A few tricky moments like when the Jonas brothers wouldn't stay still and were jumping all over Stevie. I'm not sure why but I could barely watch.

A few moments to savor, Radio Head, what else is there to say except they are amazing and Cold Play, I mean what's not to like? Did you catch the 60 Minutes interview? Adorable.

The very best part of all was Allison Krauss who I've loved for a long time because her amazing voice transports me to another place. Apparently Robert Plant feels the same way. I think I've listened to New Favorite more times than I care to admit. c.

Update: Lindsay put a sidesplitting rebuttal up on Wit-Craft.

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