Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mamma Mia

Here I go again with another birthday. It's not just any old birthday because this year I am turning 40. There I said it, phew, it wasn't that bad. I'm not one to stress about this sort of thing but I am lamenting that my 30's are over. I'm sure I will feel that way about my 40's when I hit 50 and so on. We don't typically make a fuss about big people's birthdays but this year we are celebrating. On Saturday my neighbor made me a yummy cake and little g. and her sweet friend Mia helped me blow out the candles. Actually, we blew them out a few times. Why not just keep doing the best part over and over? c.

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Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Cath! Forties arent all that bad ... can't say the same for the fifties! Hope you celebrated well.