Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monsieur Mustache

We went to the pumpkin patch over the weekend. These little trips never quite live up to the storybook idea I get in my head. For one it was really crowded. Second, every little activity required a ticket from the mile long ticket line. Third, little g. started asking to go home the second we got there. So as not to risk being a freaky mom forcing a moment we just left.

I once witnessed one of those crazy mom moments. I was visiting San Francisco and a mom was trying to capture a happy family photo in front of the Golden Gate but all she was really doing was manically screaming out to her uncooperative kids "I'm trying to make our memories here." That just struck me as so funny. The thing about those lovely memories is you can't really force them.

Just ask Monsieur Mustache, he's full of lovely Summertime memories. c.

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