Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a little outing to MCA over the weekend. I still maintain that if you can keep your child from touching the artwork (which can be hard, I realise), that modern art is kid friendly.

Kids get a kick out of rooms transformed into psychedelic inspired spaces, alien shapes planted in the center of nothing and piles of random stuff. Ok, well I mean, she did say her favorite part of the day was the cookie at lunch time but I know she got a kick out of the rest. There was smiling, laughing and running, the telltale signs of amusement. So we focused primarily on the Liam Gillick exhibit because 1. it was cool and 2. the main exhibit starts n-e-x-t weekend. Never mind, it was still great. Gillick uses architectural sculptures, plexiglass and color to transform spaces that are intended to reflect on the gap between utopia idealism and the real world and in my opinion feels like surreal world. What's not to love?

And our Halloween was super great. I wish I had photos to share but my camera is not working properly, which is part of the reason I've had some time off here. It was a cheap-o camera to start with. You know, you get what you pay for and for my camera, well it was free. c.

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Lauren said...

I couldn't agree with you more about art being fun for kids! When I was young the art museum was one of my favorite places to go because there was such a creative/fun vibe there (even though I couldn't touch anything) and it was always such an exciting day! Thanks so much for the cool pictures!