Thursday, August 20, 2009


I spent half a day at MOMA with a three-year-old in tow. Not exactly the best way to take it in but to her credit she did really well (and the bribe in the gift shop didn't hurt either).

I loved this exhibit by Roman Ondák, Measuring the Universe where viewers are collectively creating the art by measuring their height and marking it on the wall with their name. It was really satisfying to add g. to the wall. I've always loved performance based art.

These little metal frames hold an unknown photographer's photos. The photos are interesting to look at and so is the composition of the little frames. It might be fun to take inspiration from this and do a series of photos of one person in little vintage frames.

Song Dong's, Waste Not, displayed the contents of her mother's home that she amassed over 50 years during a time the Chinese promoted a concept of "waste not." Incredible to see it all laid out in one space. Hard to imagine what I would have after 50 years. Something to consider for sure.

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