Sunday, April 5, 2009

Consider yourself obstructed

Last night we really enjoyed watching The Five Obstructions. A Danish documentary film by Lars von Trier (Breaking The Waves, Dancer in the Dark) about his filmmaker idol Jørgen Leth. Leth made a 12 minute film in 1967 called The Perfect Human. The Five Obstructions is a remake of The Perfect Human done five times with a difficult set of obstructions that Leth must follow. In the first obstruction Leth must remake the film in Cuba with no set and he can't use a shot that is longer than 1/2 a second long. The result is both funny and interesting and incredibly creative.

So you may have guessed this was coming. I'm going to obstruct my dear BFF blogging buddy Lindsay. I'm going to throw five writing obstructions at her because I think she is such a creative writer.

Lindsay, in the next five posts on Wit-Craft you have to follow five obstructions in no particular order:

1. A post that does not contain the letter "i"
2. A post that tells a story without using words
3. A post that is written as your 16-year-old self
4. A post that does not use humor
5. A post that is written as if you were your husband


WIT-CRAFT said...

Your wish is my command!
See Wit-Craft for my official acceptance speech!

WIT-CRAFT said...

The challenge is to rise above the humiliation and overshadow it with pure genius. Meaning, of course, that I'm screwed.