Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 6, 1993

Maybe we will finally commit this date to memory. We should be able to by now, it's been 15 years, but for some reason it's the subject of debate every single year. "Is it the 6th or the 9th? Has it been 14 years of 15?" People typically look at us like we are crazy. How can you not know the date you got married? I don't know how to explain this except to say that the date is just a technicality and it's not that important to us. It might also have something to do with the fact that we had an extremely small and informal wedding. Just the two of us, with two witnesses and a female lawyer to officiate in a park near our apartment. It was actually a really nice way to get married.

So here's our wedding party invitation from 1994 that I did my first year of art school. I'm actually more bothered by the bad design and type treatment than I am by our dated hair styles and my horrible make-up. It's a collage I made using Photoshop version 1.0, copied and cut at Kinkos and inspired by the rave fliers that were all over the streets of London at the time. That seems more crazy than forgetting the date every year. It was a really fun party though! c.

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